xpanse analytics next generation predictive modelling
Delivery cost & time only a fraction of the traditional development superb predictive power of the models

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producing Churn Models from
​raw data

How Xpanse Analytics is different

We have developed a revolutionary, Al based deep feature generation engine that automatically builds and tests thousands of variables from raw data.

We can take Call Detail Records, history of customer transactions, CRM logs or any other historical records
and Deep Feature Generation flies us fast through most of the data prep that normally takes weeks or months

It also tests far more correlations than any manually driven analysis …meaning extraordinary predictive power

xpanse workflow

Predictive Modelling

Churn Modelling

allows you to see who of your customers ​is likely to soon abandon your services.

Knowing that, you can devise retention campaigns and target narrow segments of your base instead of spending money on all of them.

Cross Sell/Up Sell Models

point you to customers interested in a particular product, so you can offer them what they need ​and when they need it.

This lowers your costs, increases sales and improves customer satisfaction in one go.

Risk Models

tell you who is likely to default on a loan, ​claim on an insurance policy ​or even commit a fraud.

You can use it to adjust the offers or the price or amend your policies.

Insight Generation

reveals the  drivers behind the behaviours you are trying to understand (such as a purchase or churn) so you can improve your campaigns and offers.

Sometimes a data driven insight is all you need to ​radically improve your business.

If you have heaps of data and want to get Predictive Analytics fast, ​send an email to


About Us

Xpanse Analytics Platform was built ​by leading experts in Advanced Analytics

We have a combined experience of over 20 years of practical delivery of predictive analytics and analytical tools
for top Irish telecoms, banks and insurance companies

Hey, there is a large airline too
And some FMCG multinationals

We have worked for 20+ companies delivering advanced stuff
We got this

Maciek Wasiak

Maciek holds a Masters in Management and Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to starting Xpanse he worked as Advanced Analytics Manager in O2 and as Head of Analytics in FTI Consulting (formerly Distinct) in Ireland delivering Advanced Analytics for a number of companies, such as O2, Three mobile, Meteor, Aer Lingus, Allied Irish Banks, Irish Life, VHI, and many more.

“Predictive Modelling, with the amount of manual labour required, is still in the 70ties. The effort you need to throw at data prep blows up the projects beyond reasonable length and cost. We built Xpanse to change it.”​

Shane Teehan

Shane mastered in Management Science. He worked for many years in Analytics Partners delivering statistical models and analytical software for global multinationals, such as Procter and Gamble, Carlsberg or Nestle.
Later he worked in O2/Three as Senior Data Scientist and Advanced Analytics Manager, delivering Churn Models,​Cross Sell/Up Sell Propensity Models and customer segmentations.

“Xpanse automatically processes the source data in the similar way as human experts do, just much more comprehensively. The idea was so complex that when we kicked off the first working piece of the code, it would take months to finish! Then we improved the approach and cut it down to days. We kept optimising the code and now what used to take many weeks of manual data prep on a project, takes just hours of automatic processing on the high spec cloud.”

Gerard Harte

Gerard has Masters in Finance and gained in-depth experience in Advanced Analytics when working as an Analytical Consultant for several companies, including Aer Lingus, Zurich Insurance, RSA, Meteor, National Lottery and most recently as Senior Data Scientist for Three Mobile.

“Xpanse links the state-of-the-art technologies in a way we did not know was possible a year ago. It’s an intelligent software that writes a software tailored every time to the new source data. We are able to explode raw transactional data into hundreds of thousands analytical aggregates, analyse correlations and build the model, without writing ​a single line of code.”

Contact Us

+353 (0) 1 548 6355
Xpanse Analytics Ltd
Unit 17, The Cubes Offices,Beacon South Quarter,
Dublin, D18,Ireland
Registered in Ireland, no: 558332
Directors: Maciej Wasiak and Shane Teehan​

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